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Kids (6-8) Beginner A1

WIN23 - Les Lézards 2, Part 2

General French Kids (6-8)
The second year of the A1 beginner program for 6-8 year olds, Les Lézards 2. Students in the course have basic English reading and writing skills and some basic skills in French—they can use simple phrases to introduce themselves and describe their environment, feelings, and preferences.

For three quarters, along with the textbook and workbook Les Loustics 2 and various action-oriented and creative activities, students will strengthen the basic skills learned in Les Lézards 1 while gaining a broader vocabulary. Topics related to everyday life will allow students to discover more verbal phrases and to approach the future tense and the sense of formality in the French language. All activities are conducted mainly in French with an immersive approach.

Textbook (not included in tuition): Les Loustics 2

Prerequisite: To start this course at Part 1, you will need to have completed the course Les Lézards 1 or received a Youth A1.2 result at our placement test. If you wish to start at Part 2 or 3, you will need a Youth A1.2 result at our placement test, followed by an oral assessment with our Admissions Coordinator.

Next course: After completing Part 1, 2 and 3 of Les Lézards 2, students can enroll in Les Lézards 3 (in the following academic year).

Pace: Regular, 10 weeks, 1h once a week, total of 10h
Open to All

WIN23 - French Culture Through Arts and Crafts

Workshops Kids (6-8)
March is the month of the Francophonie, the month when French language and culture are celebrated around the world! Join us for a fun, interactive exploration of the French-speaking world and discover your inner artist while building or painting famous cultural landmarks, artefacts and monuments. Your work will be exhibited at the Seattle's French Fest on March 19th !
Pace: Workshop, one session of 1h

WIN23 - Mardi Gras Traditions and Crafts

Workshops Kids (6-8)
February is the month of carnivals in France, Europe, and around the French-speaking world. Join us to find out more about Mardi Gras traditions, make wonderful masks and other crafts for a fun Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras celebration. 

We will provide materials for the crafts, no need to bring anything from home. 
Pace: Workshop, one session of 1h

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