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Discover below the list of films (and their streaming links) that we discussed in our Ciné-salon in 2020.






Friday, Sept 18

La Môme (La Vie en Rose)
by Olivier Dahan

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Born into poverty and raised in a brothel, Édith Piaf manages to achieve worldwide fame. Though her extraordinary voice and charisma open many doors that lead to friendships and romances, she experiences great personal loss, addiction and an early death.

Friday, Sept 25 Un prophète (A Prophet)by Jacques Audiard

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An imprisoned petty criminal of Algerian origins who rises in the inmate hierarchy, becoming an assassin and drug trafficker as he initiates himself into the Corsican and then Muslim subcultures.
Friday, Oct 2 Les Saveurs du palais (Haute Cuisine)by Christian Vincent Watch/rent on Prime or watch on Vudu Based on true facts, this comedy tells the story of an obscure cook from a Périgord truffle farm who becomes the personal chef of France's president, making waves in the Élysée Palace.

Friday, Oct 9

 by Jacques Audiard

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Winner of the 2015 Palme d'Or, Dheepan tells the story of a Tamil tiger who flees Sri Lanka during the civil war, only to find more conflict awaiting in Paris.

Friday, Oct 16 La Tête en friche
(My Afternoons with Margueritte)
by Jean Becker

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A semi-literate and lonely odd-job man bonds with a much older and well-read woman.
Friday, Oct 23 Odette Toulemonde
by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

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Odette Toulemonde (Odette Everybody) has no objective reason to be happy, but she is. In her awkward 40s, between her luscious hairdresser son and her teenage daughter stuck in puberty, she dreams of thanking her favorite writer for the optimism which she believes emanates from him.  The story of a meeting between two unusual castaways who have nothing in common...
Friday, Oct 30 Amour
 by Michael Haneke
Watch/rent on Prime, Youtube or Vudu Palme d'Or winner. Georges and Anne are an octogenarian couple. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their daughter, also a musician, lives in Britain with her family. One day, Anne has a stroke, and the couple's bond of love is severely tested.
Friday, Nov 6
 by Abderrahmane Sissako 

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Winner of Cannes' Prize of the Ecumenical Jury & François Chalais Prize. A cattle herder and his family who reside in the dunes of Timbuktu find their quiet lives -- which are typically free of the Jihadists determined to control their faith -- abruptly disturbed

 Don't miss a conversation with director Abderrahmane Sissako on Thursday, November 12, hosted by the University of Washington!

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Friday, Nov 13
Bande de filles (Girlhood)

by Céline Sciamma

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Marieme joins an all-girl gang in the projects of Paris and is slowly turned out of her shell by her three sassy neighbours. As she falls further under their bravado and volatile energy, she begins making brave and foolish choices.
Friday, Nov 20 Tomboy
 by Céline Sciamma

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Among the kids in her new community, ten-year-old Laure enjoys posing as a boy, unsuspected by her family. Finding resourceful ways to hide her true self, Laure takes advantage of her new identity, as if the end of the summer would never reveal her secret.

Friday, Dec 4 Les Plages d'Agnès (The Beaches of Agnes)

by Agnès Varda
Watch/rent on Prime or watch free on Kanopy The film is an autobiographical essay where Varda revisits places from her past, reminisces about life and celebrates her 80th birthday on camera. 

Friday, Dec 11 Camille Claudel
 by Bruno Nuytten
Watch/rent on Youtube or Prime or watch free on Kanopy When renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin (Gérard Depardieu) notices the raw sculpting talent of the beautiful and precocious Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani), the two artists begin a scandalous love affair. 






Friday, June 26 

La Promesse de l'Aube
Promise at Dawn)by Eric Barbier

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The life of French author Romain Gary, from his childhood through his experiences in World War II; and the story of his self-sacrificing mother, who raised him alone.

Friday, July 10

La Femme Nikita
 by Luc Besson

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Convicted felon Nikita, instead of going to jail, is given a new identity and trained to be a secret police assassin controlled by the government. Her lonely life is warmed when she falls in love with a man who knows nothing of her mysterious life.

Friday, July 17
Monsieur Lazhar
 by Philippe Falardeau

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An 11-year-old pupil discovers that one of the school teachers has just committed suicide. Bachir Lazhar arrives at the school to fill the tragic void and help the children cope with their loss.
Friday, July 24
Au revoir là-haut
See You Up There)
by Albert Dupontel

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In 1918, just days before the Armistice, a tragic act of war intrinsically links two soldiers.
Friday, July 31
OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions by Michel Hazanavicius

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In this spy movie parody, French Office of Strategic Services agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath investigates the disappearance of his fellow agent and longtime friend Jack Jefferson. Disguised as the head of a wholesale chicken company, Hubert dispatches to Cairo amid the Suez Crisis.
Friday, August 7
by Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

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Based on Satrapi's graphic novel about her life in pre- and post-revolutionary Iran and then in Europe, this animated film traces her growth from child to rebellious, punk-loving teenager in Iran. In the background are the growing tensions of the political climate in Iran in the 70s and 80s, and the disastrous Iran/Iraq war.
Friday, August 14
Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire)

by Céline Sciamma

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France, 1770. Marianne, a painter, is commissioned to do the wedding portrait of Héloïse, a young woman who has just left the convent. Héloïse is a reluctant bride to be and Marianne must paint her without her knowing. She observes her by day, to paint her secretly.
Friday, August 21
Relève : Histoire d'une création (Reset)

by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai

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Renowned choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied attempts to rejuvenate the Paris Opera Ballet in his position as director.

Friday, August 28
120 Battements par minute
(BPM (Beats Per Minute))

by Robin Campillo

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Nathan is a young man who joins an AIDS activist group in 1990s Paris. As he attends the weekly meetings, he learns that some members prefer a more radical approach to their protests.






Friday, April 3

Paris, je t'aime
 (Paris, I Love You)
by various directors

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Set against a romantic Parisian backdrop, twenty filmmakers
explore the many faces of love in this delightful anthology film.

Friday, April 10

Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob)

by Gérard Oury

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A satirical laugh riot of mistaken identities starring beloved
French comedian, Louis de Funès, on the run from kidnappers ensuing a slapstick series of events to evade them. A French classic!

Friday, April 17

Le Nom des gens (The Names of Love)

by Michel Leclerc

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Baya is a young, extroverted liberal who lives by the hippie slogan "Make love, not war." She seduces right-wing men to convert them
to her political causes - with exceptional results. That is, until she meets Arthur, a middle-of-the road scientist, and the sparks fly.

Friday, April 24

Visages, Villages (Faces, Places)
by Agnès Varda

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Agnes Varda and artist JR travel around the villages of France
in a photo truck meeting locals, learning their stories,
and producing epic-size portraits of them.
Friday, May 1

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (Welcome to the Sticks)

  by Dany Boon

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In this popular comedy, Philippe, a post office manager,
plots to get transferred to the Côte d'Azur to make his wife happy. But it backfires, and he ends up in a small town in northern France.
Friday, May 8

Mauvaises herbes (Bad Seeds
) by Kheiron
Watch on Netflix Troubled by his past, a scam artist who runs a petty racket
with his adoptive mom finds redemption
while mentoring a group of difficult students.
Friday, May 15

Paris pieds nus (Lost in Paris)
by Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel

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Filmed in Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon's signature whimsical style Lost in Paris stars the filmmakers as a small-town Canadian librarian and a strangely seductive, oddly egotistical vagabond.
Friday, May 22

J'ai perdu mon corps (I lost my body)
by Jérémy Clapin
Watch on Netflix Romance, mystery, and adventure intertwine as a young man falls in love and a
severed hand scours Paris for its owner in this mesmerizing animated film.
Friday, May 29 Les Amours imaginaires (Heartbeats)
by Xavier Dolan

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Two close friends find themselves fighting for the affections
of the same striking young man. The more intimate the trio becomes, the more unattainable the object of their infatuation seems, sending the friends' obsession into overdrive.
Friday, June 5 Le Grand Bain (Sink or Swim)
by Gilles Lellouche
Watch free on Kanopy or Rent/Buy on YouTube A group of 40-something men, all on the verge of a mid-life crisis, decide to form their local pool's first ever all-male synchronized swimming team. Braving the skepticism and ridicule of those around them, the group set out an unlikely