TEF Policies

1. The test fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a future examination session. See update under "Additional Policies" below.

2. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check that their names and details are correct on the confirmation of enrollment, as they appear on their passport. The same details will appear on the attestation.

3. Once set, the schedule of examination dates and times may not be altered. See update under "Additional Policies" below.

4. Candidates should arrive at the time indicated on the invoice, which they have received by email. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. 

5. Candidates will be required to bring official proof of identity on their examination day. Only passports, national ID cards, and photo driving licenses will be accepted. Failure to produce one of the above-mentioned cards will deny candidate access to the examination room.

6. Results are usually available two to four weeks after the examination day. Candidates will be informed by email, by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Ile-de-France. No scores will be given by phone to candidates.

7. Test dates may be subject to alterations or cancellations in cases of force majeure. Due to insufficient number of candidates, the Alliance Française de Seattle reserves the right to cancel a test. See update under "Additional Policies".


Additional TEF Policies during COVID-19

9. The Alliance Française de Seattle (AFSeattle) applies the guidelines issued for the state of Washington and the King County. Please check the Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19) website for additional information.  All candidates must agree and respect the additional TEF Policies during COVID-19; AFSeattle reserves the right to refuse any candidate who does not comply with these rules and regulations.

10. In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, residents of the states of Washington and Oregon are given priority to TEF enrollments (candidates are asked for a proof of residence).  AFSeattle reserves the right to cancel registrations of candidates residing in other states.

11. All TEF sessions will be individual, so there is only one (1) candidate at a time. Exceptions ca be made for two (2) members of the same household.

12. a) Pre-screening questionnaire: The day before the test, candidates are required to answer by email to a pre-screening questionnaire, in which they are asked to confirm that no one in their household or their social circle had in the previous fourteen (14) days: a confirmed case of COVID-19, close contact with anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, been tested or advised being tested due to a known/suspected exposure of COVID-19, been advised or directed to quarantine or self-isolate due to COVID-19, traveled internationally or in a COVID hot-spot in the USA, or had COVID-19 symptoms, including  fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, congestion or runny nose.  

b) Health check: The day of the test, a health check will be conducted before entering the Alliance Française de Seattle, including temperature check and health questions.

13. Candidates are required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose during the whole time (even if fully vaccinated). AFSeattle has headsets for the candidates, but we recommend that candidates bring their own. The candidates are required to reduce their belongings to the minimum—ID, headsets, one water bottle. No food is allowed in the center.

14. Cancellations: 

  • Until ten (10) business days before the test: the test fee is reimbursed minus a $40-cancellation fee.
  • Ten (10) days before the day of the test, for documented illness or other documented emergencies: upon approval of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Ile-de-France, the test can be postponed (see Art. 8 above, then "Annulations et reports d'inscription"). COVID-19 symptoms can be documented with a virtual medical appointment report or a COVID-19 test.
  • Ten (10) days before the test with no documented cause or no-shows: no reimbursement.
  • AFSeattle reserves the right to cancel any given session if it cannot meet the COVID-19-related safety requirements for both its physical space and its personnel.

v. Dec 5, 2021.