Enrollment FAQ

What is the Member Presale?

Our Member Presale is a 7-day early registration period reserved for AFSeattle members. You can purchase a membership during the presale. Members have priority enrollment during this period and have exclusive access to early registration pricing on French collective courses*.

All members will receive access to early bird pricing during this time. You must log in with your member account or purchase a membership to get access.

The discount is limited to one (1) per student, so it is valid on your first enrollment only. Make sure to have only one course in your cart, otherwise it will not work!

Any additional enrollment will benefit from our usual 10%-member discount on a second/third course in the same term** (valid as a separate purchase for Specialized French, One-Week Intensive Reviews, Self-Study Reviews, or Workshops only). Please purchase your second course separately.

Enrolling several family members? Log in and enroll each of your family members in a separate transaction; you will have to make a unique transaction for each student to all receive the discount

Different types of courses have different discount values.

Plus, remember that our $40 registration fee is waived for members!

* Workshops, One-week Intensive Reviews, and Self-study Reviews are not eligible for early registration discounts.
** Please note that General French courses are not eligible for this additional discount.

Winter 2022 Presale: November 18, 2021, at 9AM, until November 24, 2021, at 9AM. Regular registration opens on November 24 at 10AM.

What is an online class?

On March 12, 2020, AFSeattle became the first Alliance Française in North and South America to move its educational and cultural program 100% online. Our adult and youth learners have been very satisfied and enthusiastic about our virtual French classes—read their testimonials here—and our instructors have been doing incredible work to bring them an immersive and interactive learning experience. We have shared our expertise in webinars organized for other Alliances Françaises and we have even been featured on the global television channel TV5Monde (watch it here in French!).

An online course is a live video conference with your instructor and fellow students that will follow the usual format and course plan. Several tools will support our online courses: Apolearn, Zoom, and Frello. For best learning practices, all our adult online group classes are limited to six (6) learners; seven (7) students are accepted for youth group classes.

Apolearn: An instructor and their students use the e-learning platform Apolearn for their class to share resources, articles, comments, or homework. AFSeattle was a leading school in implementing Apolearn for its students as early as January 2018.

ZoomThis video conferencing tool is where the virtual class takes place. It is a live course at the scheduled time. We are keeping our Zoom classes safe:
- Every class meeting is password protected.
- Zoom meeting links are never distributed by email; they are only available on our secure e-learning platform.
- Instructors must manually accept students in their class meeting; after the students have arrived, instructors lock the meeting and no one can enter, invited or not.

Frello ModulesA French start-up specialized in creating content for teaching French as a foreign language has implemented a large variety of self-study modules, including vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, oral comprehension, written comprehension, etc. activities. The Frello modules are uses in each General French course for adults as well as the Self-study Reviews. Some instructors might use them in a Specialized French or private class as well.

This is what an online class looks like!

How can I become a member?

You can purchase a membership at any time. Choose your membership here

Members who register for any course at AFSeattle will have their $40 registration fee waived. Members also have access to early registration (7-day member presale). Check the other perks on our membership page.

ADULTS: I am a new student. Can I enroll directly on the website? How do I choose a course?

1. Take our online placement test. Placement tests are mandatory for all new students and students returning after three (3) terms or more.

2. Upon receiving a result, you can register in the corresponding course*. Please note that in some cases, our admissions coordinator might contact you for an oral expression test. Please be careful when choosing a course/level and follow these guidelines.

We have a strict policy regarding level placement, as it may affect teaching methods, learning progress, and the course experience for you and the rest of the class. Our educational team will proceed to transfers or unenrollments in case of registration in the wrong level.

* Students who have not taken a placement test before the start of their class will be automatically unenrolled.

YOUTH: I want to enroll my children in the youth courses, but we are new students. Why can't I enroll early?

Our youth program is organized on an academic year schedule: all courses for Kids 6-8y, Youth 9-12y, and Teens 13-17y start in the Fall quarter and continue until June. Due to limited online classes capacity, previously enrolled students (from previous quarters) have priority enrollment.

New students might be accepted upon placement test result (if their fluency level corresponds to the rest of the group), the instructor’s approval, and availability in the class. New students are not eligible for early enrollment or pre-sale discounts.

Enrollment procedures for current students: please follow the instructions you received on the Apolearn platform. 

Enrollment procedures for new students:  

1. Have your child take our online placement test. You can create an account with several family members if needed. 

2. Upon receiving a result, email us at info@afseattle.org to get on the waitlist.

How can I check which courses I have taken in the past at AFSeattle?

You can view your invoice history in your afseattle.org student account under the tab "Purchase History".

You can also view the courses taken during the previous year on your Apolearn account.

The course I want to enroll in is sold out.

We are sorry if the course you want if no longer available. Since our move online, we have established that a 6-student limit is the best teaching and learning environment for our adult online courses; seven learners are accepted in youth classes. We will add you to the waitlist for the class if you send us a quick note at info@afseattle.org. Sometimes, a student drops out before the start of the course.

A waitlist of 3-4 students will also prompt our team to try and open a new course, upon teacher availability. Such courses, created and added to the catalog upon request after the early registration period, are not eligible for presale pricing.

 Do I need a textbook? Where can I purchase my textbook? 

General French and Youth classes, as well as the Book Clubs, need a book. Please read your course's description for more details. AFSeattle closed its store, but please check this page for alternative purchasing options.

 I am enrolled and my class starts soon. What's next? 

You will receive a course confirmation with instructions at the latest two (2) days before the start of your course. Your instructor will also open the Apolearn e-learning platform for your course at this time. Always check your spam folder for any automated emails from Apolearn to access your account. Apolearn is where you will find the course content and the Zoom link to access your virtual class.


Our Fluency Levels (Adults)

A1 Beginner A2 Elementary  B1 Intermediate B2 Upper Intermediate C1 Advanced


1st course in the level, for complete beginners 

2nd course in the level

3rd course in the level

Book for all 3 courses in A1 level: Entre Nous 1


After A1.3, we recommend
A1 Intensive Review


80-100 hrs. to acquire A1


1st course in the level

2nd course in the level

3rd course in the level

Book for all 3 courses in A2 level: Entre Nous 2

After A2.3, we recommend
A2 Intensive Review / A2+ Specialized Course


100-120 hrs. to acquire A2


1st course in the level

2nd course in the level

3rd course in the level

Book for all 3 courses in B1 level: Entre Nous 3

After B1.3, we recommend
B1 Intensive Review / B1+ Specialized Course


150-180 hrs. to acquire B1

Upper Intermediate

1st course in the level

2nd course in the level

3rd course in the level

Book for all 3 courses in B2 level: Entre Nous 4

After B2.3, we recommend
B2 Intensive Review / B2+ Specialized Course


200-250 hrs. to acquire B2


1st course in the level

2nd course in the level 

3rd course in the level

4th course in the level

Book for all 4 courses in C1 level: Défi 5


250-300 hrs. to acquire C1