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Each youth class starts in September and takes place over 3 terms (Fall, Winter and Spring).
The school year 2020/2021 will take place 100% online.

Non-Readers (4-6 years old)

Learn to speak and hear French!

Complete beginners start at Les Petits Crabes 1, and will continue to Les Petits Crabes 2 in Fall 2021.

Les Petits Crabes 1

Les Petits Crabes 2
Sold out

Readers (6-8 years old)

Learn to read and write French!

Complete beginners start at Les Lézards 1, and will continue to Les Lézards 2 in Fall 2021. Students previously enrolled in Les Grenouilles can enroll in Les Lézards 1.

Les Lézards 1 (A1.1)
SAT and WED sold out.
New group: TUE

Les Lézards 2 (A1.2)
Offered in Fall 2021

Les Lézards 3 (A2/B1)
Intermediate Immersion Class
(before or at time of enrollment)

9-12 years old

Regular 1h/week

Les Tortues 1 (A1.1)
2 groups: TUE or SAT

Les Tortues 2 (A1.2)
2 groups: MON or SAT

Les Pingouins 1 (A2.1)

Les Pingouins 2 (A2.2)

Les Orques (B1)
2-year course

9-12 years old

Fast Track 2h/week


Les Tortues Fast Track (A1)

Les Pingouins Fast Track (A2)

13 years old and above


Les Narvals (B2)

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2020 - FALL

From 14 Sep to 18 Dec