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Each youth class starts in September and takes place over 3 terms (Fall, Winter and Spring).
The school year 2020/2021 will take place 100% online.

Priority enrollment for students enrolled in Fall 2020. Make sure to enroll in the same course this Winter!
New student? Take our placement test and send an email request to
New students cannot access early registration.

Non-Readers (4-6 years old)

Learn to speak and hear French!

Complete beginners start at Les Petits Crabes 1 and will continue to Les Petits Crabes 2 in Fall 2021.

Les Petits Crabes 1

Les Petits Crabes 2

Readers (6-8 years old)

Learn to read and write French!

Complete beginners start at Les Lézards 1 and will continue to Les Lézards 2 in Fall 2021. Students previously enrolled in Les Grenouilles can enroll in Les Lézards 1.

Les Lézards 1 (A1.1)
3 groups:  SAT1, SAT2, WED

Les Lézards 2 (A1.2)

Les Lézards 3 (A2/B1)
Intermediate Immersion Class

9-12 years old

Regular 1h/week

Les Tortues 1 (A1.1)
2 groups: TUE or SAT

Les Tortues 2 (A1.2)
2 groups: SAT1  or SAT2

Les Pingouins 1 (A2.1)

Les Pingouins 2 (A2.2)
2 groups: SAT1 or SAT2

Les Orques (B1)
2-year course

9-12 years old

Fast Track 2h/week


Les Tortues Fast Track (A1)

Les Pingouins Fast Track (A2)

13-15 years old


Les Narvals (B2)

15-18 years old

For complete beginners

Elementary French

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