PrepMyFuture - TEF & DELF Prep

Get ready with PrepMyFuture!

PrepMyFuture is an e-learning platform which will help you to prepare for your TEF certification test or DELF exam.

"PrepMyFuture is on a mission to create a new generation of study materials. Recent technological progress has allowed us to create a learning experience that adapts itself to each student. (...) We believe that the next generation of study materials will become the teachers' virtual assistant, saving them some time (homework and tests grading) while giving them a clearer picture of their students' needs (weakness identification)." 

    Each training licence (PrepMyTEF or PrepMyDELF) will allow you, as the candidate, to:

    • Train efficiently
    • Simulate the exam conditions
    • Track your performance
    • Identify your weaknesses
    • Improve your skills with personalized exercises

    Each licence gives you access for ONE year!

    All sales are final. Once purchased, you will receive a unique candidate code by email with instructions on how to redeem. Codes are sent from Monday to Thursday, 8AM-4PM Pacific Time.


    Preparation in actual exam conditions
    • Replicates the TEF exam conditions
    • Audio recordings and scripts
    • A modern, easy-to-use interface
    Course sheets and training
    • Course sheets covering each concept
    • Solving tips and techniques
    • Adaptative trainings for every course sheet
    Full performance analysis
    • Auto-corrected exercises
    • Detailed explanations
    • Highlights your strength and weaknesses
    Pricing for a one-year licence:
    • AFSeattle members: $43
    • Non-members: $48

    PrepMyDELF B1 or B2

    Simulation of exam conditions
    • Exact replication of the DELF B1 or B2
      (new 2021 version)
    • Studio recorded audios
    Lesson sheets
    • Lesson sheets for each type of question
    • Methodology advice and tips
    • Specific DELF B1 or B2 vocabulary lists
    Detailed corrections
    • Each question is accompanied by an explanation
    • Links to relevant files provided with each exercise
    Pricing for a one-year licence:
    • AFSeattle members: $43
    • Non-members: $48