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Welcome to our French learning center! 

We are delighted that you chose the Alliance Française de Seattle for your learning journey! AFSeattle offers a wide range of French courses for toddlers, kids, youth, and teens (from 1.5 to 17 years old!). Our classes either take place online or on-site at our Wallingford location, in the heart of Seattle.

Each youth class starts in September and takes place over three (3) terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. If you would like to join a class during the school year please contact

French as a Foreign Language

Like all Alliances Françaises, we offer French as a foreign language course programs (in French ‘FLE’ for ‘Français Langue Etrangère’) and not as a native/second language course programs (in French ‘FLAM’ for ‘Français LAngue Maternelle’). This means that our youth students are non-francophones; they do not speak French at home or have not been following an immersion program.

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    Understanding our French level progression for Youth

     Understanding our French level progression for Teens

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Toddlers (1.5-3)

No French skills required for "Toddler French"

Non-Readers (4-6)

 Two year program for non-readers beginners:
"Petits Crabes"

Kids (6-8)

Three year program for beginners learning to read and write: "Lézards"

Youth (9-12)

Beginner program "Tortues"

and intermediate program "Pingouins"

Teens (13-17)

Beginner to advanced classes, as well as conversation and AP prep courses.

Summer Camps 

Beginner and intermediate camps, every summer!


We offer an immersive and creative approach to learning French: lessons will be put into practice with fun exercises and interactive games. Our teaching staff is composed of highly qualified French instructors, holding degrees in teaching French as a foreign language. Read about them on our staff page!


AFSeattle members get a 10% discount on any additional group class in the same quarter (except for the General French courses) and access to early enrollment priority and discounts. Registration fees are waived for members. Read about our perks and become a member here! 


New students or learners returning after more than three (3) quarters: our placement test is mandatory before enrolling. We offer a free online test here (start where you estimate your level to be!).