Since 2019, the Alliance Française de Seattle offers a scholarship program for French learners. Scholarships can be valid for any group class—general, specialized, intensive, workshop, or summer camp. Every year, thanks to the support of our sponsors and private donors, AFSeattle continues to expand its support to families in need with a growing number of scholarships for youth and adults.

Youth Scholarships (4-17)

Types of scholarships

  • Partial scholarships, up to 50% off the regular tuition (pre-sale discounts do not apply).
  • Full scholarships may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.
  • Scholarships are valid for the full academic year (enrollment in Fall, Winter and Spring) or for Summer Camps.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Washington state resident.
  • Must be planning to attend a youth course during the full academic year (Fall through Spring) or a Summer Camp.
  • Must be a AFSeattle member or become one at the time of enrollment.

How to Apply

  • Parents or student applying must submit a letter of motivation/interest explaining their family situation, in English or French, to, with the subject "Youth Scholarship Application."

When to Apply

  • Applications are continuously open, but we highly recommend submitting your application before the Fall quarter in order to benefit from the full year. Applications received during the academic year will be considered for the Winter/Spring/Summer quarters.

Adult Scholarships (18+)

Types of scholarships

  • Partial scholarships on the regular tuition (pre-sale discounts do not apply).
  • Full scholarships may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Washington state resident
  • Must be a AFSeattle member or become one at the time of enrollment

How to Apply

  • An updated resume (adults only).
  • A letter of motivation/interest stating why you are a good candidate for a scholarship and what you plan to do with the education you receive, and/or explaining your family situation. The letter can be submitted in English or French.
  • The course(s) you wish to apply for.

When to Apply

  • Applications are continuously open. You may apply for a course that is currently open for registration or for any upcoming quarter.

An applicant can receive a maximum of one scholarship per year.



Fall 2023
Brant Criswell, A2.1 
Eliza Hutchins,
Lezards A1.1 
Evangeline Hutchins,
Pingouins A1.2
Violet Hutchins,
Tortues A2.1
Jayda Van Hayes, Lezards A1.1 
Omxiiu Aauroraa, Lezards A1.1
Quetzaalli Aauroraa, Lezards A1.1 

Summer 2023
Laurie Frederick, A2.1
Ursula Glancy, B1.2
Kaia Fabian-Allende, 2 Summer Camps 
Zoreslava Samko, 1 Summer Camp

Sidney Fisher, 1 Summer Camp
Markie Morrison, A2.2 

Spring 2023
 Jeremy Tu, Petits Crabes, A1.1
Molly McNeely, A2.1

Winter 2023

Sarah-Kate Moore, The Art of Translation, C1
 Jeremy Tu, Petits Crabes, A1.1
Karen Bosshart, A2.2

Summer 2022
Kiira Gustafson, B1.1

Spring 2022
One youth scholarship

Winter 2022
Gloria Majule, A2.2
Eva Tourangeau, A2.2
Three youth scholarships

Fall 2021
Eva Tourangeau, One-Week Intensive A1 Review
Aviva Levin, World News & Society C1
Majesta Vestal, A2.1

Winter 2021
Joshua Smith, B2.2

Fall 2020
Sarah-Kate Moore, B2 Review
Vera Deryabina, C1.1

Summer 2020
Joshua Smith, B1.3
Sarah Smith, Written Expression B2+/C1

Spring 2020 
Alfonso Montero, A2.1

Spring 2019
Valeria Sanchez-Jimenez, B1.1

Winter 2019
Christine Longe, One-Week Intensive A2 Review