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Online Courses 2021

Keep up the great work. We greatly appreciate the virtual course option and feel that it is overall an excellent way to teach the French language to children. Merci!

I can't believe this year long course is over. I really looked forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday because it was a fun way to study and learn more advanced topics in French as well as have a little social life during the pandemic. My instructor was always prepared and very engaged and set a casual yet professional tone which was very appreciated.

I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Wednesday World News conversation class as well as the weekly hour I spend in private class. These are both bright spots in my life, and I always look forward to them. Seattle is extremely fortunate to have our Alliance - a truly fine example of what l'Alliance Française can and should be. My abilities in French have vastly improved since I have been taking classes at l'Alliance. I have attained a level of speaking that I always dreamed of but never thought would come to me in my life. Merci énormément ;-) 

This course was so effective and helpful in my learning! I absolutely clearly made substantial progress and I loved the course.

Having classes online hasnt been a difficult transition. Learning a language as an adult is difficult, and brings some insecurity along with it. Taking these classes from AF has been approachable, effective and encouraged me to try and speak even if I fumble through it for awhile-thats how I improve. My instructor is a great teacher and is able to balance difficult concepts with humor and make learning enjoyable. Thank you!

Online Courses 2020

Our instructor has taken our in-person class and seamlessly moved it to the virtual environment. She is clear, concise, and very well organized. When life goes 'back to normal', I may prefer to take these classes online if available, to eliminate the drive time!

My instructor always sets a very positive, inclusive, fun-loving tone. He is good at understanding when he needs to shift over to English to make sure a concept is understood.  The Zoom format works really well for teaching and participation.

Thank you [AFSeattle] for creating such a beautiful online community during this time of quarantine. I miss my communities 'en vrai' during this difficult time, but finding the Alliance Française online programming has been a dream come true and is making me feel connecting to the wider world. I am SO happy the AFSeattle's programming is online and hope it can stay that way even after quarantine ends!

I'm really pleased with this experience. It is the first time ever I take a class on Zoom, and I have really enjoyed the experience.

I am very appreciative of the instruction and community provided by AFSeattle. The courses are absolutely wonderful, and in fact I very much look forward to French class each week (highlight of the week!). The remote instruction has been overall a thoroughly positive experience for me and I have absolutely no complaints. Thank you so much, to AFSeattle and the instructors, for creating such a positive learning environment!

I am loving the opportunities that AFSeattle has created for continuing to learn french during this difficult time. It gives me hope for a future when we can travel again. About this course specifically, I'm surprised how engaging it is. I didn't know I had anything to say about art (for example) in English, let alone French, but I'm finding all the topics interesting, informative, and fun.

I did not think I would enjoy French class using Zoom, but it was really excellent.

The Zoom tool worked really well. I was impressed. In some ways, the learning environment was better than in classroom, since it was easier to multi-task with note taking, looking at reference material, and generally being able to spread out and be more comfortable. [...] The ability to break out into groups that were private was great, because in the classroom there is too much cross-talk and distraction when we were in subgroups.

I was only able to attend one Zoom session. I was surprised how effective it was. I am very happy that I attended this session, because it made me feel confident that if I need to take future classes through Zoom, the classes will be very worthwhile.

I love this class, I look forward to it every week. Bravo Alliance Française!

Our students say...


I love this class, I look forward to it every week. Bravo Alliance Française!

Christine L.

I am so grateful to you all. Thank you for a wonderful experience; this class and the A1 intensive week were the happiest times of an otherwise very difficult winter. I'll never forget it, and I look forward to supporting l'Alliance Francaise de Seattle in the future.


It was terrific. We've told all of our friends.

Tim L.

I appreciate your willingness to come up with such a full schedule on late notice. My absolute compliments and gratitude to both instructors for their exceptional teaching ability (and patience!).

Thanks again and if, in the future, I know someone looking to learn French in the Seattle area, the Alliance would come highly recommended from me!

Rebecca S.

The first thing Mia told me today after class was, “It was the best French class ever and it was a blast!”

Karen C.

I learned a lot in this class – not only French grammar, but great ideas for generating discussion in classroom settings. Our teacher was a delight.


Thank you for a great semester. And for all your support around taking the DELF B2.


Keep doing what you are doing. It was great!


I'm so glad that the Alliance is here, thank you!