Yoga in French (in-person)

Discover our Yoga in French classes with certified yoga instructor Fleur-Anne Serre, open to all levels of yoga and French.

Join us for a guided yoga course that seamlessly blends dynamic Vinyasa with soothing Hatha, all centered around mindful breathing. Yoga in French classes led by Fleur-Anne are thoughtfully designed for adaptability and inclusivity, catering to all participants. This inclusiveness ensures that every individual can unlock their potential through this discipline.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the practice and get introduced to new vocabulary in French, allowing you to not only nurture your body and mind but also expand your language skills over the course of several weeks. Fleur-Anne will guide you through fluid poses and calming meditation moments, aiming to harmonize your body and mind. Each session will initiate with a brief meditation segment and conclude with a period of relaxation.

The class is open to all levels of French starting at A1+. All levels of yoga welcome.

Originally from Paris, France, Fleur-Anne Serre moved to the Seattle area in 2021. Fleur-Anne's passion for yoga came to light during explorations across Asia. Understanding the profound transformative power lying in the connection between body and mind, she embraced the potential for holistic well-being. It was during this period that she refined her expertise and understanding, achieving certification as a vinyasa yoga instructor in 2016.

Naturally compelled by an inclination towards a comprehensive well-being approach, Fleur-Anne incorporated touch therapy into her skill set, augmenting her capabilities with Thai bodywork. This extension covered a range of practices, including deep body relaxation, pre- and post-natal care, energetic healing, and the alleviation and remedy of bodily discomforts such as aches, pains, and tension in the belly.

Her orientation towards yoga revolves around its mental and emotional advantages. At its core, yoga serves as a route to self-discovery and internal tranquility.

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