Evalang - Complete Test

$20.00 USD


Modern, fast and accessible, Evalang is a cutting-edge tool designed by the International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) to certify a foreign language level. 

Evalang is an adaptative test : it uses the answers provided by the candidate to adapt the level of difficulty of newly asked questions, thereby finding automatically the level of competency of the candidate. The skills evaluated by Evalang are made up of independent modules. The complete test includes all three modules:

  • Oral comprehension: Listening to records of conversations in realistic situations
  • Written comprehension: Reading of written documents
  • Grammar & lexicon: Choice of the grammatical or lexical form adapted to each proposed sentence.

It takes at most 35 minutes for the Evalang test to calculate the language level of the candidate. As soon as the test has been completed, the candidate can download and print an attestation of level approved by the CIEP. 

Once purchased, you will receive a unique candidate code by email with instructions on how to redeem. Codes are sent during our office hours.