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Specialized French Classes

Specialized French study a focused aspect of the language. Starting at the A2 level, they are organized in 5-week sessions. Oral Communication & World News courses are open for drops-ins with 48h notice ($50 per 2-hour class).
Available Courses: 21

General French Classes

General French Classes are textbook-based method courses offering a complete study of the language (oral, written, expression, grammar, etc). Recommended for all levels, it follows an efficient learning pace of 3h/week. Available from A1 to C1.
Available Courses: 3

Intensive Classes

Intensive Introduction to French is perfect for complete beginners (no prior experience of French). Intensive Reviews allow students who have finished a level to strengthen their skill with a complete review.
Available Courses: 2


Workshops are 3-hour sessions aimed at reinforcing specific skills or discovering new aspects of French.