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Specialized French study a focused aspect of the language. Starting at the A2 level, they are organized in 5-week sessions. 
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FALL22 - Oral Communication A2+ EVE [FALL2, THU, Onsite]

Product Code: 5706-OralComm-A2+EVE-THU-FALL2 2022

Age Group ADULTS
Type Specialized French
Session 2022 - FALL
Pace Regular
Level A2 Elementary
Schedules 20 Oct 2022 to 17 Nov 2022
  • Thursday   6:15pm ▸ 7:45pm at Seattle - Wallingford > Suite 204 (Julianna Johnson)
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course (members are exempt).
Using a communicative approach based on current material and techniques, your instructor will help you converse in French.

At the end of the A2 level (A2+), learners are expected to communicate in a simple manner on familiar topics; they can generally identify the topic of a discussion which is conducted simply and clearly.

• Course Type: Onsite

• Course Pace: Regular, 5 weeks, once per week, 1.5H per session. Total: 7.5 hours (class time).

• Prerequisite: General French A2.3 course, A2 Review, or A2.3/B1.1 result at placement test.

New students and students returning after more than three quarters are required to take a short online placement test https://www.afseattle.org/placement-tests/

• Educational Program Policies : https://www.afseattle.org/about/policies/
$177.00 USD